I believe blues music is a conduit for the human spirit. I grew up on the southside of Chicago, and have been privileged to either perform with, share a stage with or meet many of the blues masters including Lowell Fulson, Muddy Waters, Pee Wee Crayton, Albert King, Etta James, Willie Dixon, B.B. King and Honeyboy Edwards. Since I wrote my first blues song at the age of 14, this music has linked me to everyone who understands the blues. Whatever I'm feeling, good or bad, chances are someone else has experienced something similar in their lives and will connect with what I say. I tell my own stories through my music to be part of that common connection between all of us. That's the power of the blues.

Jeff Dale

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Jeff Stone and I grew up on the southeast side of Chicago. He and I became fast friends in the third grade. I’m guessing that would have made us 7 or 8 years old. Time and circumstances kept Jeff and me on separate musical paths but our friendship knew no such bounds. We talked about making a record together forever. "The Southside Lives” is the record I had to make with Jeff Stone – the record that I knew Jeff would dig deep into because he would know where every word I sang came from. And I knew that together, he and I would bring it all back home and make the Southside live. - Jeff Dale

Music, mainly the blues, was our saving grace, listening and learning as we struggled to make sense of everything. Life took my brother Jeff Dale and I down different roads, but the music we played from deep inside our souls; was always at the forefront of our unbreakable ties. When my brother began playing and recording again, we reconnected musically. When Jeff suggested we do this project together, it was a natural. Jeff is absolutely correct....no one knows the depth of the music and words that he composes more than I...we lived it together... This project is a lifetime in the making... – Jeff Stone

"Their playing is reverent, and strikes a deep personal chord. The latest set from Jeff Dale and Jeff Stone proves one thing – no matter where life’s highway leads, “you can take the boy out of the South Side, but inside, “The Southside Lives!” " – Nashville Blues Society

"A back porch take on urban blues, they might not have picked no cotton or had hell hounds on their tails but these guys give a better lesson in the blues than some far removed pedant professor could. It’s as authentic as it gets and I smell some Handy recognition in the wind. Killer stuff, particularly for contemporary ears." – Midwest Record

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David “Honeyboy” Edwards was the last of the great Mississippi Delta bluesmen. In early 2010 Honeyboy was given the Lifetime Achievement award from the Grammys. Later that same year in September, Honeyboy returned to Los Angeles to perform at a venue called the G Spot, nimbly accompanied by Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners and Honeyboy’s long time friend and manager Michael Frank.

This show turned out to be the last time Honeyboy was filmed and recorded. He was 95 years old at the time and still singing and playing like a man half that age. Fortunately, at the end of the performance, one camera remained on to capture Honeyboy giving advice to musicians, telling stories of his life, vividly recalling the night Robert Johnson died, and tales of Charlie Patton, Big Walter Horton and others.

This slice of blues history is now available as a beautiful CD/DVD package. titled “I’m Gonna Tell You Somethin’ That I Know.” The recording captures the timeless, evocative power of the blues and also documents Honeyboy’s warmth and humor and his palpable connection to Jeff Dale, one of his “sons of the blues.”

“…he evokes the smoldering intensity and elusive spiritual brilliance of the fabled Delta tradition as well as anyone alive, and better than most.” – Living Blues

“Honeyboy absorbed a lot of different music from a lot of different places that he travelled and then wherever he performed his music and whoever dug what he was doing learned from him. He was very important.” – Robert Cray

“He was history, walking history.” – Lucinda Williams

“Honeyboy Edwards covered that bridge. He started off country, Mississippi, and by the time we got to hear him he is Chicago!” – Keith Richards

“Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners support Honeyboy rather than trying to match or overwhelm him, and you can see and feel his evident satisfaction with their work. Clearly they all had a good time, and I'm sure you will also as you view this video.” – David Evans -Professor of Music Emeritus The University of Memphis

“People like to talk about 'the real deal.' Jeff Dale & the South Woodlawners are without question the real deal.“ – Reflections in Blue

“Jeff Dale proves that he really has blues blood running in his veins.” – Rootstime


Recipient of 2014 Pick of the Year from Blues In The Northwest
and 2015 Shoutie Award from WXCI Connecticut!


"People like to talk about “the real deal.” Jeff Dale & the South Woodlawners are without question the real deal. If you like music that is honest, pure and just plain “Good Music,” this disc will have you clearing the living room to make a dancefloor right from the start. If I had to describe this recording in a word, that word would be fun. This is an album you will find yourself going back to quite often. This is as good as it gets."

– Reflections in Blue

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