"Black and White - Live from Chicago's South Side"

"I Feel All Right - Live From Panama!"

"Good Music"

"Murder - Live with Special Guests"

"She Love Me - Live in Chicago"

"Letter From The Birmingham Jail"

"Naked Woman In My Bed Live in Chicago"

"Wagon Wheel-Live in Hollywood"

"Jeff Dale and Yoko collaborate!"

"Wagon Wheel"

"Sweet Home Chicago" with Marguaret Love

"Hey Now Hey Live in Chicago"

"They'll Never Take Me Alive" Gangster Remix

Jeffrey Express Holiday Video Blog 2012

Jeffrey Express Video Blog Holiday Edition 2011

"Carmela" Live in Chicago!

"Ride With Me Tonight" Live!

"Hanging By A Thread" Live!

Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone "Third Rail" Live in Chicago!

Jeff Dale, Jeff Stone & Miss Cat "Sweet Home Chicago" Live in Chicago!

Jeff Dale & Charlie Love "Got My Mojo Workin" Live in Chicago!


Jeff Dale & Jeff Stone "Third Rail"!

I Feel Alright! Live @ The Santa Monica Airport

Jeff Dale's Jeffrey Express Volume III

Jeff Dale's Jeffrey Express Volume II

Got My Mojo Workin'(Live in Chicago!)

Love My Baby Blind (Live in Chicago!)

Jeff Dale's Jeffrey Express featuring "Blues For Christmas"

You Don't Know Nothin' About Chicago (live in Chicago)

I Feel Alright

Third Rail (Chicago gig June 2009)

My Way Or The Highway

Love My Baby Blind

Blues from the South Side of My Soul

I'd Hit It (bootleg)