Jeff Dale: Guitar & Vocals
Greg Davidson: Guitar
Rich Hyland: Guitar
Charlie Love: Guitar
Georgic Avenesian : Guitar
Geoff Mohan: Harmonica
Jeff Stone: Harmonica
Scott Kaufman: Keyboards
Derek Phillips: Keyboards
Scott Steinman: Bass
Orlando Wright: Bass
Darryl Lieberstein: Bass
Clark Pardee: Drums
Dave Harris: Drums
Tim Austin: Drums
Gordon Pettigrew: Trumpet
Sherry Pruitt: Background Vocals
Jim Jedeikin: Tenor and Bari Saxophone
Ron Jacobson, Rachel Jacobson: Hand Claps


Blues Room – track by track with Jeff Dale:

1. This Time:
Recorded in Chicago. That’s Greg Davidson playing the solo and me playing the slide. Greg is my Chicago based bandleader and the craziest mother%$# I know. He used to be in Captain Beefheart’s band, which totally makes sense! I like how the guys jump in after I play the opening riff!

2. Stumblin’
Recorded in Chicago with Buddy Guys’ rhythm section: Orlando Wright on bass and Tim Austin on drums and my childhood buddy, harmonica maestro Jeff Stone. Greg Davidson and Jeff S. are the featured soloists here.

3.Blues Room
There are fewer and fewer places for pro blues players to try to make a living. That’s enough to give you the blues!

4. Take Me For A Fool
Recorded in Chicago with Orlando and Tim. That’s L.A.’s blues diva Sherry Pruitt singing the background vocals and Greg Davidson taking the solo.

5. They’ll Never Take Me Alive:
This is a true story. My Dad’s brother was a depression era gangster in Chicago but I didn’t know that until I was an adult. After my Dad passed, my niece did a little digging into my Uncle’s story. She sent me two front page newspaper articles, one the Chicago Tribune, the other the Memphis Commercial Appeal, both from 1936, which chronicled my Uncle’s misadventures. The song wrote itself after that. This was recorded in L.A., engineered by Bruce Botnick of The Doors fame.

6. Stuck In Traffic
Same session as “Take Me For A Fool” this time with Chicago blues great Charlie Love joining me on rhythm guitar and taking the solo after mine. I wrote this about L.A.’s traffic but have been discovering as I travel that it’s becoming a universal theme!

7. Carmela
Recorded in L.A. with Bruce Botnick at the board. Written about a woman that Long Gone Miles and Blind Joe Hill argued about backstage thirty years ago. I felt she should be immortalized in song! Solos in order are me, Derek Phillips, Geoff Mohan, and Rich Hyland.

8. Hanging By A Thread:
Recorded in Los Angeles. Unfortunately this song rings too true for me (and too many others). Tough times will sure give you the blues!

9. She’s Mad
Recorded in Chicago. If I told you this was a true story I’d be in big trouble! Solos by Greg Davidson and sax great Jim Jedeikin.

10. Hey Now Hey
Recorded in Chicago. This has become a sing along in our live set. Greg Davidson is the soloist and I am the slidest.

11. My Own Worst Enemy
Recorded in Chicago with Orlando and Tim. Big thanks to Charlie Love who pushed me to play more guitar than I originally planned and for the suggestion to add hand claps. Everyone played their ass off on this track and had a great time doing it!