“Good old brand new blues. The Woodlawners deliver it all with class and style unlike any new or old artist out there” American Blues Blog

“Jeff Dale's music is truly groundbreaking and if you love modern, pure Chicago blues with great guitar work, this "Blues Room" by Jeff Dale and his Woodlawners will ensure your fullest enjoyment.” Rootstime Magazine

“Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners' new release is a valiant sophomore effort with original barroom blues and dance-happy tunes. Check it out! There are some radio-friendly songs available here.” Blues Wax Magazine

“If world-weary and happy-go-lucky blues appeal to you, this is the “Blues Room” to visit.” Blues Blast Magazine

“Their music is characterized by dynamic and steady pace, feeling and extremely expressive guitar and vocals. All in all, the album “Blues Room” radiates subtle and highly profiled blues power.” SoundGuardian Magazine

“Jeff Dale brings us authentic Chicago Blues, who in his youth he himself has heard... and that's precisely the intention of this CD, bringing us back to those places where the blues is still king. Great music that takes you to the Chicago of his heroes. Pure pleasure.” Beale Street

“Jeff Dale’s second album is rock-solid blues.” Blues News

“Nice work and it just keeps getting better. Jeff is a great lyricist and has a fine band behind him.” Blues-E-News

“The production and musicianship are outstanding, I found myself immersed in Jeff’s story telling delivery over the solid blues musical base.” Chicago Blues Guide

“The South Woodlawners are really tight. Jeff is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the Blues.” Malibu Chronicle

contact: 818 314 7472

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