"People like to talk about “the real deal.” Jeff Dale & the South Woodlawners are without question the real deal. If you like music that is honest, pure and just plain “Good Music,” this disc will have you clearing the living room to make a dancefloor right from the start. If I had to describe this recording in a word, that word would be fun. This is an album you will find yourself going back to quite often. This is as good as it gets."
Reflections in Blue

"This is Jeff’s third release in 5 years, and he brings that Chicago sound to us on every cut! With those roots the tree goes deep into the ground, and the blues spring forth with a new blues in the old style. The more I listen to it the more I like it. That’s the kind of blues that stays around for a while. “Good Music” for sure! No extra frills or packaging here, just the real thing."
Smoky Mountain Blues Review

"A Chicago cat that uses that connection to add authenticity to his blues, Dale is really doing his own thing under the penumbra of old school west side Chicago blues but it’s not about homage, tribute, inspired by.,.etc. He’s playing from the gut."
Midwest Record Review

"Understanding the primal blues truths, while undertaking modern aspirations for Chicago blues, Jeff expertly blends it all. In fact, there is no doubt that this album is truly great. He gives us a crystal clear picture of the more than excellent guitarist Jeff Dale, and then about this inspiring band. Their music features a dynamic and steady rhythm, and above all, emotional expressive vocals. All in all, "Good Music" radiates subtle and highly profiled blues power."
Soundguardian (Croatia)

"I suppose it would be easy to just draw on the music and styles of the greats that have been part of his already illustrious career but no, Dale has created his own sound. I have to say l love this one and enjoy Jeff Dale's perception of the Blues. Hope to hear more from this very talented artist."
PBS106.7, (Melbourne, Australia)

"Good Music is all about the unexpected, from instrumentation to topics, it will keep you guessing. You may even expect the title to be hype, but through clever writing, stylistic divergence, and songs about naked women you’ll come out the other side agreeing and shouting 'Yeah, yeah! I like Good Music.'"
Blues Biscuits

"Jeff Dale and his off the cuff talk singing easy going style is center of every one of the tunes. High on humor and low on bravado Dale goes for the fun right off the bat with the saucy Chi Town styled “Naked Woman In My Bed” then moves on to search for redemption using the words of Dr. King in 'Letter From The Birmingham Jail.'"
No Depression

"If the title of this CD seems boastful to you, don’t worry…they back it up. This IS good music…damn good music, the kind that you can just enjoy for what it is."
Music Morsels

"Jeff Dale does an excellent job on guitar and vocals, and his songwriting is outstanding. Good Music is an appropriate title for Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners’ latest release. Loaded with inspired musical performances and a wide-ranging set of impressive original tunes, this set is recommended to all discriminating blues fans."
Blues Bytes

"Jeff Dale strikes a happy medium between serious looks at life interspersed with things to make you laugh, or at least say “hmmmm.” He hit the nail on the head with the title of this set too, ‘cause Jeff Dale don’t play nothin’ but 'Good Music!'"
Nashville Blues Society

"Some blues players have back stories that could have come straight from Central Casting. Jeff Dale is one of them. Good Music does what it says on the tin. This is modern, upbeat electric blues. Worth checking out."
Blues Blast Magazine

"I just received the newest release, Good Music by Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners and it’s got the blues. “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” is a cool track with a lot of commercial potential. One of my favorites is “Final Destination.” Dale’s vocals are spot on. “Wagon Wheel” is a cool low slung blues with a great feel. Stepping out on guitar, Dale really takes the bull by the horns and rips it."
BMans Blues Report

"With the album "Good Music" Jeff Dale proves that he really has blues blood running in his veins, and he lives as a singer-songwriter / guitarist for the music."
Rootstime (Belgium)

"Steeped in his Chicago roots, Good Music has it all: upbeat, lively celebration, messages for social justice, and bitter heartbreak served up the way only the blues can. With the authenticity of “born in Chicago,” Jeff Dale demands serious attention."
Blues Festival Guide 2014

"This is the third release from Jeff. Blues played Chicago style, with a nice blend of good music and humour. Enjoy!"

"Jeff Dale & The South Woodlawners have, once again, really hit the mark, offering up another intensely interesting and moving album, one that is sure to receive the same amount of accolades, if not more, than his previous critically acclaimed releases."
Blues Underground Network

"Naming this CD was probably one of the easiest things Jeff Dale ever had to do. Kind of like when the Beatles put out an album with an all white cover, it was simply called 'The White Album.' Jeff Dale puts out an album full of good music and it’s simply called 'Good Music.'"
Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro

"Jeff Dale is a great blues musician and singer who listens..."
Muszerodal (Hungary)

"Good Music is a disc that is honest, moves within the canon, and will please many fans."
Il Blues (Italy)

"Good Music is an entertaining disc. The singer, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Dale from Chicago has a substantial background in blues."
Jefferson Blues Magazine (Sweden)

"The songs on Good Music are located in the wider urban electric blues and are an amazing variety rhythmically, topped with harmonica, keyboards, guitar and even saxophone. Listen to this, as the title says, good music!"
Twoj Blues Magazine (Poland)

"Good Music is a neatly produced offering of modern electric blues with a shot of funk."
Blues News (Germany)

"Jeff’s lived-in voice convinces easily. Not that he is a hidebound traditionalist – lend an ear to the slow blues Final Destination, which boasts a cello solo or the Fever-derived Murder, with its prominent oboe: they fit just fine! Nice to report too that all the songs are Jeff Dale originals, with influences like Magic Sam, Muddy, Howlin’ Wolf, Junior Wells, BB and Albert King making this an extremely listenable and enjoyable release."
Blues Matters (U.K.)

"This latest piece of work is strongly rooted in real Chicago blues. The album clearly shows the influences of many of the blues artists he has played with who left a deep mark on him, not only in his heart but in his music too. In this "Good Music" you will find the most danceable catching rhythm together with the greatest joy you could imagine, although he has not forgotten to include some social messages Jeff sincerely wants to protest about."
La Hora Del Blues (Spain)

"Jeff Dale creates 12 numbers of warmth, humour, introspection and footappingly invigorating good music. He takes us back to to the alcohol, nicotine and sweat infused atmospheres of late night clubs where raw, pulse rising, enticing slowburning, electrified blues is the order of the day. Splendid!"
Blues In The Northwest (U.K.)

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